Monday, April 9, 2012

New Opportunities...

Craziness! my last post was very depressing...uhg november comp, I don't even want to think about it. Howeverrr dance has so much more to offer then what competition gives me. So outside of competing with Trey,I still take my ballet class and enjoy my abilities to perform. I have competed since then but honestly this year has been preeetty disappointing for us, because we expected so much more! T and I auditioned and were accepted to the next phase of auditioning for a show that could prove to be so exciting, or a dead end. I have accepted this fact. I feel like I have so much experience now, on NOT getting what I want. If you know me you know this is so frustrating..(and humbling sure) but I like being fully confident in my ability!!~ So anyway when it comes to dance I have trained myself to be intrigued by my possibilities and not bound by them. I explained my feelings about this to Trey like this : an exciting opportunity is like an adorable furry kitten, all you want to do is hold it tight, squeeze too tight however...and that kitten is no longer...You have to be gentle with your dreams and guard them close so you can protect them, not too close though, because if they want to slip away, I believe there will always be other intriguing opportunities. (Like have you ever seen only ONE adorable kitten? no there are a million bazillion...) So, in that case I don't worry, I just know that preparing is the key, and believing in yourself ( my wants, even if it means believing I am the center of the world) are important, but not necessarily crucial, to getting what i want.

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  1. Well, you ARE the center of the world... so that isn't hard to believe!! :)
    Love you. I am always behind you (and Trey) 115%. I hope you know that!!